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At Linen Club, our purpose is clear: to empower those who are constantly in pursuit of greater triumphs and clothing them in achievement: a superlative quality of linen sourced from France and Belgium, and perfected in India. Every characteristic fundamental to the fabric that emerges from our Atelier is crafted through a thorough understanding of the global style dialogue
and decades of unparalleled experience in the art.

With over 3000 designs created every month, you can cherry-pick your unique style from a tailor's paradise of chic shades, patterns, prints, swatches and textures.


Nothing breathes quite like linen. There is no fabric that compares to the sheer class, comfort and style of linen. Make an assertion of your attitude of excellence through the finest linen fabric created especially for suiting and shirting that is stylish and au courant. Make an impression people won't forget.

Choose from an exhaustive range of the finest linen fabric
at our exclusive Linen Club store near you. Let our tailor measure you and craft your unique look.



Combining pure luxury and breathability, a linen jacket is an ode to personalized fashion that romanticizes the sharp yet relaxed fit of the fabric. Occasion or not, when you have a Linen Club jacket in your wardrobe, you’ll never run out of reasons to flaunt it.




A modern day reincarnation of the yesteryear Nehru jacket, a linen bandi is an endearing work of tailoring. When created with the right expertise and finesse, the bandi creates a distinct silhouette, giving center-stage to linen’s signature flair.


TROUSERS Form, fit and functionality – the three F’s of contemporary fashion come alive with our eclectic trousers collection that showcase the vibrant shades and immaculate attention to detail that is synonymous with our linen fabrics. Resilient and incredibly fashionable, our trousers are crafted to leave a lasting impression on whoever wears them as well as the world around him.




There’s no shying away from tradition when you embrace a fabric that can be seamlessly transformed into an ethnic masterpiece, woven with a contemporary twist. Bring home a collection that retains its cultural charm and scores big on style as well.


A fabric that adorns the pinnacle of relaxed luxury is best experienced in a pair of trendy shorts. From summer brunches to post-shower evening walks, a pair of linen shorts is the perfect garment for a comfortable and effortless style statement.